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savannah, georgia on film

forsyth park where they filmed forrest gump

have always wanted to live
in the middle of the woods,
and sometimes we get to

these stacked photos

are interactive,

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Have been wanting to go to Savannah, Georgia for quite some time. It's one of those cities that has been in my bucket list because of the history and architecture of the city. It did not disappoint! Every corner of the city oozed charm. 


We originally wanted to stay in Savannah for a week but we were only able to book 3 nights at the campsite. There was construction going on on some parts of the campgrounds but it was an idyllic surrounding. Gorgeous view of the water and generally close to downtown. The camper was surrounded by lush greens and trees and since we had the corner spot it felt just out of the way to where you have some privacy. 

We left Savannah to drive to our next destination— Charleston, South Carolina which is about a 2 hour drive away. Since we were able to book 2 weeks in Charleston, we parked the camper there and just drove the car out to Savannah and stayed at a charming Bed & Breakfast just down the street from Forsyth Park. 

morning routine


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