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✿ Leo / Aquarius / Taurus


los angeles photographer

+ content creator  

Hey, hey! 👋 nice to meet ya! My name is Sisilia. I'm a fashion photographer and content creator based in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree. 


A little bit about me: Born in Indonesia and grew up in Los Angeles.


This past year (2019) I took a year-long road trip across the USA in a vintage camper and traveled through 44 states and almost 11 thousand miles. On our drive back home to LA we spontaneously decided to move to Joshua Tree and that's where we are right now. Living between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree. 

Selected Clients


Nylon Magazine
Urban Outfitters 
Rebecca Minkoff
Estée Lauder
John Frieda
Maison Kitsune
Girlfriend Collective
Harper Wilde
Smashbox Cosmetics
Fame and Partners
Beyond Yoga
Minor History
Formula X
Juicy Couture
The Arrivals NYC 


Social Media


Veuve Cliquot
Lisa Says Gah

Moda Operandi
Athena Club

Arrive Hotel
The Line Hotel
J Crew


Urban Outfitters

Jose Cuervo

Steve Madden
Eddie Bauer

Vegabond Shoes




How can I support you? This is a one on one video chat between you and I. Kind of like 'phone a friend' we can talk about anything you are seeking guidance and support on. 

Click on the list for more info.



How do you edit your photos?

✿  Instagram: I made my own filters/presets which
I apply to my photos.


* If you'd like to use the same filters/presets you can purchase them here

✿ Professional work: I edit with Photoshop and Lightroom using presets I've made. 


How do you edit your TikTok / Reels?

✿  I don't edit on the instagram app or other video apps but instead use Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 on my iMac. I personally find it easier to edit on a large screen iMac than a small screen like my iPhone. (That's just me though. Use whatever is easiest for you).  Another reason I like editing on the iMac is because I like having precise control and being able to see the music on the screen so I can edit my Reels to go with the beat. As for making sure I upload high-resolution Reels, I made special presets for the settings on Premiere Pro so the video quality stays in tact when I upload it to Instagram. It's a bit harder to explain here, but if you google it, you can find info on this. After I'm done editing my Reels I airdrop it to my iPhone and post. It typically takes me 15 minutes to edit a 6 second Reel. I personally find that the bulk of my time is spent finding the right music and gathering/choosing the content that I want to incorporate in the reel ☺

How do you add the special font to your TikTok / Reels / Stories?

✿ I use Photoshop for still images and Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 for videos. I add the text to the image/video then Airdrop it to my phone and post it to my Stories or Reels.

Where did you get your fonts?

✿ It took time to find the fonts I use on my stories, youtube and reel. I get this question every time I post something with a typeface on it and because of this I've made a curated font list with all the fonts I currently use. This does not include the actual font, file, or license. This is only a curated list showing the fonts, names of each font, how they look, and where you can personally get them. This will be available soon.








I want do become a photographer, do you offer one on one mentoring​?

✿ Yes, I offer creative support. Whether you have just one question for me or you'd like to pick my brain on where to start. We can chat 1-on-1 via Skype video call. You can ask me all the questions you have. If you're in a rut and are seeking guidance and support I offer accessible tools and ideas. If you need guidance on negotiating a project or rates, I got you covered! I'm an open book. 


We can cover anything you need help with be it marketing yourself, editing, finding your artistic style, pricing, equipment, shooting with industry models, etc. 


Click here to see how we can work together :)

film scanning

What do you use to scan your film? 
How do you scan your film? 


✿  This is something I cover in my one-on-one services. Link below to get info or if you'd like to book a 1:1 with me.


* Creative Services can be found here.



What cameras and gears do you use?

✿  Please check out my Amazon Store Front.
I've included just about everything I use that's all available via Amazon. I update it all the time so come back & check it out every so often :)



✿  Contax T2 + T3, Olympus MJU II, Yashica T4 and my absolute favorite Contax G2 35mm film camera.

I have been shooting film for more than a decade and have had most of these film cameras since then. Some I bought for just $50, which is unheard of these days. With the film camera craze being in high-demand, my hot tip is to shoot with whatever film camera you can get. If you can, invest in scanning the film yourself. Interested in seeing how I scan my film? Click here :)


camper life

✿   what made you decide to take the year off and travel across the country?

— a family member unexpectedly passed away and really put things in perspective for me. i started thinking of the things i’ve always wanted to do but never took steps to do so. it’s cliche but that saying “life is too short” resonated in me more so than ever.  i decided i want to make this trip happen in 2019— to travel the country and experience it with josh and the kiddos, especially while they’re still young (before they’re angry tweens haha). 

what kind of camper do you have?
— we have a vintage 1966 terry travel trailer. she’s 10ft long. we named her Lulu :)

✿   how did you find your camper?

— we looked online for around  4 months. we were looking for a shasta and almost bought one but found out it was too heavy for our small SUV. while browsing Craigslist we found a listing that was too good to be true, it was a beautiful well kept camper that was under 1,000 pounds in weight— exactly what we were looking for and we drove to Arizona a few days later to pick her up

✿   did you have to build your camper setup yourself?

— no! we were lucky that the previous owner took really good care of the camper and we didn’t have to really do much except change the curtains, foams and upholstery on the dinette/bed cushions.

✿   how do you even start planning a year-long cross-country trip?

— we started planning for our trip around June of 2018 (about 6 months before our trip). we sold 80% of everything we owned and took that money and put it straight to savings. we sold our second car and took that money to buy the camper. we moved to my mom’s house for 2 months before our trip to save more money. i took literally all photography jobs (even ones i usually say no to) so we can put more $$ into our savings. we got the kids enrolled in homeschool 3 months before our trip and got them adjusted to that type of scheduling so by the time we’re living in the camper they’d be adjusted to homeschool. we forwarded all mail to my mom’s and did online bill exclusively so we didn’t have to mail our bills every month.  got our SUV checked and tuned up. changed all 4 tires so we can start fresh. got auto insurance for our camper. upgraded our AAA to include our camper in case we breakdown, this allows AAA to tow our camper along with the car. 

✿      do you homeschool your kids?

— yes! we started homeschooling them before we left for our trip (2018).

✿  how are you adjusting to working remotely/from new places?

— i think this is the best part of working for myself as a photographer. nothing has really changed from my day to day work life. i’ve been a freelance photographer for 8 years and have always worked from home/remotely. i think the only real nuisance of working from the road is the internet. it’s spotty in some areas, especially when you’re in smaller towns. this is crucial when you’re uploading large files to a client. it hasn’t been too bad for us, we’ve only encountered it once when uploading images for a client and the upload time was 3hours when it’s usually 30 minutes. c’est la vie. you just have to plan things accordingly when you have a big job.

    how have you made money while traveling?

— photography jobs, working with brands on influencer jobs, video editing, closet sales :)

✿   can you show us your storage? how do you fit all of your clothes?

— number one question i get all the time! haha! i posted this in one of my instagram stories highlights, if you care to see it.  we have 2 closets— a big closet where we hang clothes like jackets, coats, and towels and we individually have our own storage within the folding closet. since i have the most clothes out of everyone in the family, i roll my clothes and put them in packing cubes and stack them in our closet. i also frequently do closet sales on my instagram stories and donate to thrift stores frequently to keep my storage balanced :)

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