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Need more than just 1 session? Book a package of 3 for continued guidance, support and clarity.

This is great if:

✿ You love the way I edit my scrapbook posts, how I scan my film, how I edit the colors in my photos, etc and want to pick my brain in how I did that. I can show you step by step during our 1:1 session chat.

✿ Tapping into creative ways and inspiration if you're feeling stuck and out of flow / alignment in life

✿ You are seeking guidance and support on how to launch your creative career or project


✿ You’re going freelance


✿ You’re craving clarity on a project you’re already working on and need a boost to get started or need gentle accountability


✿ You know your worth, but seek support in negotiating your rates


✿ You are in a personal or creative rut and seek guidance moving through your blocks



How does it work?

✿ We'll hop on a video call on Skype and chat. This is a pack of 3x one hour sessions, but you are open to divide them up to an hour a session or 1.5 hour sessions. Just as long as it's an hour minimum :)

✿ Choose the time and day that works for both of us. This will be available in the calendar on the next page.

✿ Terms & Conditions: No refunds. All sales are final.



By scheduling, paying for any service, and/or communicating with Sisilia Piring in any way, shape, or form, you acknowledge that you have read and attest to fully understanding the following:


  1. The contents and services of this website are not intended to and should never take the place of professional advice and services including but not limited to: business, financial, legal, medical, and/or psychological care.

  2. You agree that you will not hold Sisilia Piring accountable for any choices you make as a result of any service provided through www.sisiliapiring.com, its associated email accounts or any of its social media accounts.

  3. Sisilia’s response and services are intended as a guide and for entertainment purposes only. By scheduling and /or paying for ‘Ask me a question’ you also attest to being 18 years or older.

  4. All payments must be made at time of booking. No refunds. Payment sent via Zelle or Cash App only.

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